Design-Build is at once the most comprehensive, and often the most cost-effective method of project delivery.  Precise offers this service, combining our Preconstruction and Construction Management services, and offering our commitment to the Owner's interests, found in our Owner's Representation services, in one package to monitor every aspect of the project from its initial inception to its final completion.  The strongest benefit to the Owner offered by Design-Build is that Precise takes responsibility for the entire project coordination effort, including the Design Process, and the Quality Control Process offering a single source of communication for all contractural obligations, through an organized and efficient delivery.  Components to our Design-Build service are as follows:


  • Establish the program

  • Design to the budget

  • Manage the construction

  • Quality assurance & control

  • Documentation management

  • Project closeout

Our Construction Management service offers an owner one of the most straightforward methods of project delivery.  Similar in nature to our Design-Build services, Construction Management differs in that the project's Owners, rather than Precise, control the contracts for the design team and is responsible for monitoring the design and permit procurement processes.  The typical delivery of a project via Construction Management follows several simple phases:

  • Initial concept

  • Design development & value engineering

  • Cost engineering

  • Contract

  • Managing the construction

  • Documentation management

  • Project closeout

construction management
owner's representation

Our Owner's Representation service offers the Owner the unique advantage of having our experienced construction personnel fill the role of Agent for the Owner.  Having experience as a construction manager and as a contractor, we are able to properly analyze and defend the Owner against some "tricks of the industry", ensuring the delivery of a project in the most honest manner possible.  Services offered under Owner's Representation include:

  • Project document review

  • Subcontractor prequalification & procurement review

  • Construction operations review

  • Risk management & performance review

  • Quality assurance & quality control

  • Documentation management

  • Project closeout

A project begins the moment it is thought of. At Precise, the scope we offer for our Preconstruction Services goes beyond the industy standard of reviewing documents, phased budgeting, and value engineering. 


From initial concept, we provide a detailed conceptual budget and a schedule that incorporates durations for design, zoning and permitting.  During this process, we offer common sense product, design, and construction suggestions that aid in lowering a project's overall costs, as well as a feasibility analysis that will allow the client to decide whether or not the project is viable before incurring a substantial expense.

PRECISE services

Precise offers one of the most unique services in the industry with our Project Recovery service.  Implementing the same techniques offered under our Construction Management service, we are able to help Owners recover troubled projects.  Our Recovery service includes:

  • Project status determination

  • To-completion analysis

  • Contract forensics

  • Recovery management

project recovery

General Contracting is the most widely recognized method of project delivery.  Documents are issued for bid, and each general contractor submits a proposal based on those documents, generally in a "Lump Sum" or a "Guaranteed Maximum Price" arrangement.  After negotiations, a contract is awarded to the lowest qualified bidder.


In this delivery method, the General Contractor assumes the highest amount of risk associated with the proposed price.  It is by this method that the General Contractor stands to make the most money in the buyout process, purchasing subcontracts for cheaper than the initial budge.  In this delivery, the General Contractor stands to retain all of the buyout.


Changes to the project documents, or discovery of unforseen conditions result in change orders that are issued with a predetermined mark-up.  This method of project delivery offers the lowest amount of communication between all the parties involved, and is typically administered in the public sector.


general contracting

Precise performs several trades as a subcontractor, either with our own forces, or through a collection of multiple joint ventures in the following trades:


  • Excavation

  • Trucking

  • Sewer & water

  • Concrete

  • Masonry

  • Carpentry


Often we are asked to provide general contractors with our "First Brick" service.  With this service, we will prepare a site with all of our in-house trades, beginning with excavation, installing the sewer and water infrastructure, and pouring the concrete foundations.  When we are finished, the site is ready for the general contractor to put down the First Brick of the rest of the building.

first brick service

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